Beanie Baby

Colour Block Primark ShirtColour Block Primark ShirtColour Block Primark Shirt
Beanie: Accessorize
Shirt: Primark
Skinny Jeans: Primark
Glitter Pumps: New Look

For someone who used to refuse to wear hats because of a fear of looking stupid in them I sure have amassed quite a collection in the last year or so. I'm actually planning on doing a little post showcasing my collection soon, and here's one of the latest additions! I'd got to grips with fedoras and bowler hats but had yet to find a beanie that didn't make me look like one of the Argos aliens before I tried this one on in Accessorize just before Christmas. Its soooo warm and cozy and I love the chunky knit.

The shirt and the jeans are both Primark and were showcased in my most recent Primark haul video. These Primark super soft high waist skinny jeans are my holy grail guys, they're only ten pounds and they're so flattering and comfortable. They've actually convinced me to not spend my entire life in tights or leggings! As well as this dark blue pair I've also got them in grey and black, but I decided these ones went best with the pastel colour block shirt. The finishing touch - a pair of glittery pumps that I soon regretted when I trod in a puddle!


  1. I love how you've collected so many hats when you don't really wear them!
    I have a little bit of a hat phobia simply because I'm positive I look incredibly stupid in them.
    You look really good though, lovely outfit :)

  2. Such a simple but gorgeous outfit. I love the baby pink on you! x

  3. Those primark skinny jeans are never off my body! God send!


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