American Hustle

70s American Hustle Style Rare London Jumpsuit70s American Hustle Style Rare London Jumpsuit70s American Hustle Style Rare London Jumpsuit
Jumpsuit: Rare London*
Rings: Various
Shoes: New Look

If you've seen the film American Hustle then you'll probably get why I've named this outfit post after it - the character that Amy Adams plays seems to favour slashed to the navel outfits and as soon as Sean saw the neckline on this gorgeous Rare London jumpsuit he immediately noticed the similarities! I have to admit I do feel very 'seventies' in this outfit, the high waist on the trouser part of the jumpsuit and the sheer billowy top just scream retro to me.

I feel really comfortable in this jumpsuit actually, the design is flattering and the high waist keeps everything streamlined - plus despite the fact that its very daring I actually adore the neckline, I can't wait to wear this out! The only thing is I might have to invest in some industrial strength tit-tape, I don't want any wardrobe malfunctions on a night out...


  1. Amy Adams outfits were one of my favourite things about that film haha! I love this playsuit and you look lovely :) xx

  2. UM- hello hotness! I'ma drooling all over this, you look amazing, love the choice. A rare moment when the 70's vibe is actually awesome.

  3. I haven't seen American Hustle but you look fantastic in this outfit! xxx

  4. omg red carpet attire, you look FANTASTIC.

  5. Ambitious even as it studies, exploits and explodes ambition, "American Hustle" is as good as any American film this year. It's also a lot of fun.
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