2014 Fashion Resolutions with Boohoo

Boohoo Wardrobe Resolutions Infographic

A little while back I was contacted on behalf of Boohoo about contributing to an infographic about wardrobe resolutions for 2014. I thought it was a fab idea so immediately emailed back with a couple of sentences about what I was planning for the upcoming Winter (its never too early to start thinking about clothes shopping right?)

I got the finished image through last week and I think its a really cool image and idea so I'm sharing it with you guys! What do you think about our resolutions? Are you, like me, constantly on the hunt for an amazing faux fur coat? Have you already found one? Let me know!

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  1. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect faux fur coat too! I want one of the really full swingy vintage ones but not real fur and all the modern ones are quite straight cut I find :(


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