Snowflake Sweater

Jumper: Matalan*
High Waist Skinny Jeans: Primark
Hi-Tops: Matalan*
Frilly Socks: Primark

This is one of my favourite jumpers of the moment, its so warm and cozy and it has barely any wool in it which is fabulous for me because I can't wear wool or any of its mates (mohair, angora etc) next to my skin.

These jeans are a total godsend and I can't stop wearing them, in fact I went back the other day to pick them up in dark blue and grey as well. I've never ever actually found a pair of jeans that I've been completely comfortable in, but as far as I'm concerned these might as well be leggings for how comfy they are...and so cheap as well, so it doesn't even matter if they don't last that long.

Last but not least I'd like to point you in the direction of Rosie's latest post about making changes in 2014. She totally sums up how I feel about life at the moment and how I want to make 2014 the year that I develop a more positive relationship with myself and my thoughts.  I feel totally inspired after reading it and think she's a total star for putting all of her thoughts out there on t'internet - its not easy!


  1. Liking the jumper, you look really sweet and I like the additition of that necklace, proper nice shade of red! Best of luck with the Matalan comp too

    Same here with 2014, I'm a very anxious person but each year I feel myself growng up and being able to deal with things socially a lot better. Worrying can really take over your mind at times! Best of luck for the year, got a feeling it'll be a good one.

  2. Ooh I love that jumper, it looks so cosy! x

  3. I need to get myself to Primark, those jeans sound great! x

  4. Lovely jumper and I love that it is still a bit festive and it looks so warm.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  5. Gorgeous jumper!

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  7. I can never bring myself to buy a Christmas jumper, it just seems like a waste of money, but this is the perfect mix between festive and fashion. Very cute!

    I know how you feel about 2014. This is the year I've decided to not just stay in London being bored, but make the most of this amazing city I live in and discover more abroad too. Watch this space, I'm off to explore!!

    Charlie | Shopped and Dropped

  8. Beautiful as always! I totally agree with you! I only share the most positive of positive on the internet but in my own head I'm an absolute worry pot! Happy New Year. I hope 2014 is a fab one! xxx

  9. Hello, I found this blog via google, just thought you might want to know!
    jeux a deux

  10. the jumper is so cute! <3

  11. Love this jumper and the background is gorgeous! Where did you take these photos/ Just found your blog via #lbloggers chat and I am now a new follower



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