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Fearne Cotton Very Patterned Monochrome Dress Pearl CollarFearne Cotton Very Patterned Monochrome Dress Pearl Collar Fearne Cotton Very Patterned Monochrome Dress Pearl CollarFearne Cotton Very Patterned Monochrome Dress Pearl Collar
Dress: Fearne Cotton for Very*
Boots: Matalan*
Lipstick: Cargo Cosmetics in Sedona*

This here gorgeous dress is another one of the beautiful items that I managed to swipe at the Access All ASOS swap party the other weekend, and a dress this stunning could only have sprung from the never-ending depths of Sarah's wardrobe, that lady has more lovely frocks than you can shake a stick at. (I never really got what that saying meant, but it fits in this context nicely!)

There's not one thing I don't like about this dress, and a lot of things that I absolutely love. The beaded collar and the fabric covered buttons running up the bodice of the dress are two such things but I have to be honest, I was mostly drawn to the pattern on the fabric. Its totally unique and a really fun take on the monochrome trend, plus its not the kind of pattern that you're going to see on everyone you pass on the street (tartan I love you but gosh you got popular this winter.) Now lets all give thanks to Sarah for having such excellent taste and also for buying so many clothes that she was forced to give away this one!


  1. Your dress is gorgeous! You look lovely :)
    xxElise - www.elisedopson.com

  2. Oh wow, this is actually amazing! x

  3. This dress is gorgeous! And it looks lovely on you.
    I definitely get the nod to Sarah!
    Kirsty xx

  4. Ah I wish I could raid Sarah's wardrobe!

  5. I love the pattern on this dress, the shape of it, the collar. Ok, so I just love this dress!

  6. Ahh this is a gorgeous outfit, something that I would definitely wear! I would have loved to have gone to something like a dress swap, you're so lucky!

    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  7. Ah, that's a great find, she really does have more clothes than one can shake a stick at.

  8. It's a gorgeous dress!
    I love the idea of the swap parties :)
    Mia | pretty eclectic

  9. This dress is so great. I've always wanted to go to a swapping event but never had the chance. I have very few 'fashion' friends. looks like you did well for yourself though :D


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