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Panache masquerade balcony braPanache masquerade balcony bra
Antoinette Lingerie Set: Masquerade by Panache*

The other day on Twitter I ended up in a rather hilarious chat with a few other bloggers about boobs and bras, which was rather coincidental considering I had this blogpost lined up to publish this week! As some of you might know, whilst I was studying for my MA I worked part time in an underwear shop as a sales assistant and bra fitter. Whilst I was working there, I was genuinely shocked by the number of girls between the age of about 16-30 who were just wearing completely the wrong size bra, to the extent that most of them were visibly astonished by the difference they could see in their shape when they were properly measured. Wearing the right size bra lifts and separates your boobs, makes your waist looks smaller and helps to stop you subconsciously hunching at the shoulders. If you haven't been measured in the last year, please get measured. If you have lost or gained weight, please get measured. If you are younger and are still growing, please get measured (fairly often). 

If you are trying on a bra, there are a few things that you can check for to test the fit of it. First of all, your shoulder straps shouldn't dig in or fall off - they should sit comfortably on the shoulder. Your back strap should be parallel to the floor and it shouldn't be painful but it also shouldn't be loose enough that it can be pulled very far away from your back. The wire should sit comfortably under your armpits and not be sitting on your actual breast tissue (painful and can scar!) and the gore (the middle bit that joins the cups together) should sit flat on your sternum. Lastly, try raising your arms up and moving around a bit to check that you don't have a bra that 'floats' or changes position.

Once you know your bra size, you can go crazy buying new bras that will fit you like a glove and if you're a D cup or bigger then I would point you in the direction of Panache. This gorgeous set of loveliness was sent to me a couple of weeks ago and I've finally tried it out in order to give you the deets. The fit of this bra is really beautiful, I like balcony bras because they give you a lift without too much of a super push up cleavage so this one was perfect. Not only that, but its gorgeously detailed without being too lairy (neon pink lace bras I'm looking at you) so I'll feel comfortable wearing it for everyday use. Go have a peek at the selection now, and whilst you're at it - have another read through of some advice on bra fitting, its IMPORTANT.


  1. I really need to get measured but I get so super conscious I daren't go!

  2. You know when you see a girl in street with four boobs......wish I had the courage to drag them to an underwear store lol. Great advice all of which I have followed for years surprising how many girls don't know this stuff :-)

  3. I got the turquoise one from the Panache Masquerade range recently and oh my goodness, it fits so amazingly well. I want them all. xx

  4. I work in the lingerie department of debenhams and have just started learning to bra fit and when I started I got myself fitted and there is such a big difference when you finally have the right size bra on.
    : ]

  5. I genuinely have no idea what mine are! I think a 34D but could be a 34C or 36C or something too!
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  6. brilliant post! You're so right, it's really important to get a well fitting bra. I'm a bit of a weird size so I find a lot of places don't stock my size - but that doesn't tempt me into buying something the wrong size which would be ill-fitting and uncomfortable!

    Hannah xx

  7. I get so annoyed, because I'd like to get measured but there's only one place which offers it in my town and they're always so busy that you either have to wait for two hours or they don't have any appointments free (they won't let you book until the day). Ugh.

  8. I will raise my hand and say that I bet I don't know what size I actually am. In that case you must immediately come to my house and measure me. wink wink. xx

  9. I think my normal bras fit properly but I've yet to find a strapless one to fit properly!


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