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Some of you might have seen that last week I got to go to a private Robbie Williams concert with Magic and Direct Line home insurance. Now I don't know whether you've seen me mention it before, but I love Robbie a lot, a whole lot. He is the Harry Styles/Justin Bieber of my teenage self and when I got this particular invitation I'm not ashamed to admit I let out a little scream of excitement. Blogging has done a lot of phenomenal things for me but I have to say this rates up at the top!

I decided to take my mum along to the concert as my plus one because she's also a bit of a Robbie fan so off we popped to London on the train on Tuesday night after work, ready for a night of being serenaded. It wasn't until we got to the venue that I realised just how private a concert this was going to be, we could get practically right up against the stage and there were only about 150-200 people there. Comparing this to the last Robbie concert I went to in Milton Keynes where I could just about make out a person singing on the stage I have to say, it was a real step up!

If you were on Twitter that night you may have seen the tiny booboo that I made. After a couple of glasses of champagne I heard whispers going around that the man himself was in the room, I looked over and thought he looked a bit 'off' but there were people going up for pictures so I got a little bit closer and noticed the guy had the Robbie neck tattoo! It must be him right? Maybe he'd just had a bit of plastic surgery that had gone wrong...

Well to cut a long and slightly embarrassing story short, the guy was a lookalike. Now, he was a good lookalike - he even got dragged up on stage by the real Robbie to sing a duet - but I blame the champagne and the peer pressure, because when the lights went on at the end he didn't look anything like him! Oh well, if you can't have a slightly cringe anecdote to tell at the end of a night out whats the point eh?

I got over the lookalike trauma pretty quickly once the real Robbie started singing though, mainly because I was actually only about a metre away from him and when I was filming him singing Angels at the end he noticed me AND SMILED AND WAVED. I almost fainted from excitement. All I can say is, it was a night that I'll remember for a very long time, and no small amount due to the lovely company I had - Graham, Barrie and my lovely giveaway winner Sarah and her friend! What an evening!

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  1. Oh wow, this sounds incredible! I saw him at the Capital Summertime Ball but there was a much, much bigger crowd haha. Sounds like you had a fab night :D

    Milly x // Mini Adventures


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