Merry Christmas to Me with TKMaxx

Modalu Grey Leather Handbag Modalu Leather Handbag Modalu Grey Handbag Modalu Handbag
Modalu Tote Bag*

This week I have been Christmas shopping. When I say Christmas shopping, I mean I realised how close it was to actually being Christmas and immediately panic bought the entire contents of Amazon and Not on the High Street

Now I love doing my Christmas shopping (when I have the money to do it of course) and I spend the whole run up to Christmas looking forward to handing out my carefully chosen and wrapped gifts and seeing the appreciation (forced or genuine - who knows) of the people closest to me.

I do think its nice to give yourself a little Christmas present as well since its such a manic time of the year though, whether that's blowing the remainder of your November paycheque on the designer shoes that your other half has refused to buy you for Christmas or simply popping into Lush to buy that one bottle of Snow Fairy bubble bath that you treat yourself to each year.

So when I recently had the opportunity for a peek through the TK Maxx 'gifts for her' section and spotted the most gorgeous handbag staring out at me from my screen I decided that since I already had various parcels winging to me from different locations for other people it really was high time that I gave myself a little present. I even tied some festive velvet ribbon around it, although I drew the line at adding a little tag saying 'Dear Me....from Me.' I think its going to go perfectly with the purse I've been hinting heavily to Sean about, don't you?

If you fancy treating yourself to a nice scarf, perfume or toiletry set for pre-Christmas self love (minds out of the gutter please) then TK Maxx has a lovely selection of gifts this could even actually buy stuff for other people if you're a bit more selfless than me! 


  1. gorgeous bag! You can really find some gems there but the shop is often in such a mess, I can't be bothered to go in. glad the online selection is much better now... I have my eyes on a Missoni scarf ;)

  2. I will be going into Lush tomorrow and purchasing a few choice bath bombs to relax with over the Christmas period! My present to myself, we all need a bit of lovin' :)

    Cathy x

  3. Such a lovely bag! I know what you mean about testing yourself as well at Christmas, I always buy myself a little something...or somethings.... :)

  4. What a beautiful bag, I love the colour! <3

    Jennie xo |


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