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tigi catwalk session texturising salt spraytigi catwalk session series texturising salt spraytigi catwalk session texturising salt spray

I am one of those people who struggles massively with adding any kind of texture or volume at all to their hair, because its just wants to be straight all the time. If I washed my hair and then slept on it wet, all it would need would be a quick brush in the morning for it to be completely smooth and straight. Great if I'm in a rush, not so great if I want it to DO SOMETHING.

I've tried a couple of salt sprays and texturising dusts before and not fallen in love with any, the Bumble & Bumble one for example felt weird and didn't really seem to do much and that has mostly been the common theme amongst the products I've test-driven.

This Tigi Catwalk Session Series Salt Spray* has been the first one that hasn't made my hair feel like a Christmas elf threw up in it, whilst still managing to add a bit of wave and texture to my poker straight hair. This look was the result of spritzing my hair all over when it was about 90% dry before twisting it up in a clip to set the hair as it finished drying. I think this look would be a brilliant option for a post work Christmas party as you can also use the spray on completely dry hair and all you'd need to accessorize it would be a glitzy little hair slide like this one

You can buy the product from the wonderful online haircare pitstop that is Dirty Looks and keep your eyes peeled on the blog in the next week as I have two more looks with different products coming up!


  1. I can't help feeling incredibly jealous about your smooth straight hair, but I suppose the grass is aways greener! Mine is just really coarse and frizzy. A nightmare to tame! Might try this after straightening it though. Could work! x

  2. I go through phases with salt sprays, They are great at adding some texture. I used to always use one from KMS! I need to buy another bottle actually!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  3. I've turned into a bit of a salt spray junkie ever since I cut my hair. This one sounds really nice!

    Jennie xo |


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