Top 10 Statement Necklaces #2

lovettandcostatementnecklace everourstatementnecklace2 everoursstatementnecklace3 everoursstatementnecklace craftfairstatementnecklace

So yesterday I let you guys have a peek at five of my top ten statement necklaces and here is the second half of that list that I promised. You can also simply watch the video if you'd rather not read all my rambling!

The first one is the gorgeous vintage inspired number from Lovett & Co that I posted about a while back and which has become a regular addition to my outfits. This one is perfect for work because whilst it is a statement piece it isn't too out there!

Necklaces two, three and four are all from my favourite little online store Ever Ours which is always selling amazing jewellery at totally bargain prices. I got all of these for less than a fiver each and even when they're full priced they're only about eight pounds!

Number five used to belong to my mother but she came to the realisation that it was a bit too bold and chunky for her to get any real use out of so she passed it to me. I'm all about the crazily big jewellery so this gorgeous handmade necklace was very gratefully received! 


  1. Girl you rock the statement necklace!

    - Elodie x

  2. Gorgeous! The third one in my favourite but I love them all :)
    Tilly xoxo

  3. Ahh you have such a wonderful collection! The first one is super lovely <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. Wonderful statement necklaces I must say. All are looking gorgeous. The appearance of jewelry has changed over a past few years, but the statement jewelry can never go out of fashion as women as always shown their equally intensity and love towards these statement jewelry pieces. Not only celebrities, but most of the young generation is following this fashion trend and wearing such colorful beaded jewelry pieces. Statement necklaces, rings, bracelets, and broaches are popular and preferred by women today.

  5. Lovely necklaces indeed! Love the third one for it looks so elegant and classy because of the elegant looking stones.


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