Top 10 Statement Necklaces #1

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When it comes to jewellery, statement necklaces are kinda my thannnng. It used to be huge cocktail rings and I do still have quite the collection of those, but the miff factor when it comes to trying to do stuff whilst wearing a ring the size of a small orange on your hands has meant that my love has moved on slightly to the world of costume jewellery-esque necklaces.

I thought that I'd give you a sneaky little peek into my jewellery box by showcasing my ten favourite statement necklaces this week, five today and five tomorrow. I also have a YouTube video up where I talk about them at a bit more length if you want to check that out!

The first necklace is a lovely little Wallis number that I actually thieved from my mother because as far as I was concerned she wasn't wearing it enough. I love the shape of it and the blue detail. Its also slightly similar to the last one which is an Aztec detail necklace from New Look because they both have that metal bib style.

Number two and three are both bargain items from Primark, the gold chain is surprisingly wearable for something so in your face (my sister would say tacky) it adds the perfect accent to an outfit that doesn't want too much extra detail. The other Primark one is my favourite to wear over a plain top because its very detailed. Last but not least we have the gold spiky necklace from Pop Couture which I always add to an outfit that I want to toughen up a little bit, it looks particularly good with something leather!

So those are my first five choices, keep your eyes peeled for the second instalment tomorrow after I get home from work (which if you're wondering is awesome and i'm loving it but my god is it tiring!)


  1. Fabulous necklaces, I love the second. I've been wearing statement necklaces a lot - it's such an easy way to jazz up an outfit!

  2. I love the first one especially, the blue is stunning! <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. Love me a statement necklace for some of the more boring items in my work wear wardrobe, which at present is most of it. I went off them for a while as my ID tag can get tangled in them, but I've taken to doing it anyway!

  4. Some of those necklaces look stunning! Great stuff!

  5. Really love all your picks! The wallis one is my fave!

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