Oversize Coat

oversizecoat3 oversizecoat1 oversizecoat2
Faux Astrakhan Coat: Vintage via my Nan!
Ankle Boots: Matalan*

Recently I mentioned on Twitter that I had in my possession a vintage black astrakhan coat from my nan but that as it was a size sixteen I wasn't sure whether it would suit me. A number of you assured me that I could rock it oversized style and so I whipped it out of the wardrobe and have been wearing it ever since. I feel like such a lady in it and even got informed at school today by one of my colleagues that it made me look very 'posh'. 

Oversized and cocoon coats seem to be everywhere this season and whilst they might look a bit scary they're surprisingly easy to wear! The key is not to team it with anything too voluminous elsewhere unless you're a total fashionista or a supermodel in which case I'm too jealous of you to speak. On this occasion I chose to simply wear it over a short skirt with tights and boots allowing the coat to do the talking but I've also worn it with jeans and a pencil skirt on different days. 

All in all I'd like to give a huge virtual smooch to everyone who persuaded me to give this coat a try, its proof positive that you should give things a try before you decide they're not for you as you might end up falling in love! I'd also like to inform my mum and sister that they can get this coat off me over my dead body, ta.


  1. You look so lovely, can't believe it's your nan's! Jealous of how super cosy that looks too! x

    The Little Things

  2. Love the coat - you can definitely rock the oversized trend, I always fear I end up looking like a bag lady.

  3. I love the coat, it looks so cosy <3

    Jennie xo | sailorjennie.com

  4. Really lovely coat...vintage styles tend to be better cut (I think!)
    Jess. x

  5. Nice read! I like the suggestions.


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