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One Direction Our Moment Fragrance*

Okay first things first, I am not 'Directioner' sure I think some of their songs are catchy and I have been known to request them on a night out after a few cocktails but I'm not particularly bothered about them beyond that. On the other hand, I have been known to enjoy a celebrity fragrance, my first ever perfume was Glow by J-Lo and I've also dabbled in a fair bit of the Britney Spears range so I'm not what you might call a perfume snob - if it smells nice, I'm on board!

Something that all of my other perfumes have in common with Our Moment is the sweet scent, I'm not happy unless my perfume smells like a candy shop so I'm drawn like a moth to a flame to a fruity fragrance! This particular one has splashes of pink grapefruit, red-currants and wild berries combined with jasmine and frangipani all of which add to the sweetness of the perfume.

All in all this is a very 'me' perfume and everyone who has smelt it so far has liked it from my boyfriend to my mum. At the Debenhams press day where I came across it for the first time only one person in the whole of the day didn't like the scent. I also actually quite like the bottle, its not grownup or elegant in the slightest but its cute and girly and it looks nice on my dressing table. 

The only aspect I wasn't a fan of was the fact that all of the exterior packaging for the perfumes and the gift sets has huge pictures of the boys' heads emblazoned over it which might have put me off the perfume a bit if I came across it in the shops without smelling it first, although I'm sure it will massively appeal to all the fangirls up and down the country this Christmas! Still its not the end of the world, the bottle is a lot less 'obviously' One Direction and you can just throw the cardboard packaging away like I did! If you're a fan of sweet perfumes I'd really recommend giving this one a sniff, for the price I have to say I'll probably repurchase this when I run out as I've been wearing it everyday. 


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