fashionunionjumpsuit glamorouscheckjumpsuit everourschunkygoldnecklace monochromejumpsuit
Leather Jacket: Wallis (via my sister's wardrobe)
Check Jumpsuit: Fashion Union*
Studded Hi-Tops: Matalan*
Bug Necklace: Ever Ours

Recently I've really got into wearing playsuits and have started building up quite the collection. It was only natural that then I'd start to look at people wearing jumpsuits and think about how comfy they looked and how easy they are to wear, but for a while the fear of them being super unflattering held me back. First I took a baby step with these dungarees but then I decided I was going to go all out, and my weapon of choice was this gorgeous Fashion Union number.

First of all, its seriously the comfiest thing I own. Wearing this out makes me feel like I'm getting away with wearing my pyjamas all day, but in a universally acceptable and fashionable way! Its also surprisingly not as unflattering as I thought it might be (though you may disagree) due partly to the fact that you can cinch in the waist with the tie and give it a bit more of a shape. Lastly, what with it being monochrome, its so easy to style - I've gone for the black jacket and studded trainer look with a chunky necklace to tone it down and make it quite casual but I can totally see myself wearing it with some pointy court shoes and a matching clutch bag during the Christmas party season!


  1. Smoking hot my friend!

  2. You look amazing! Any clothes that feel like pyjamas are a winner in my opinion, especially if they're as lovely as this jumpsuit!

    Jennie xo |

  3. I wasn't brave enough to try this jumpsuit, wish I had now though cos it looks amazing on you! And pyjama-like is always a winner haha

  4. this jumpsuit looks amazing on you.. wish i could rock one! fab xx


  5. Looking gorgeous! I have a new jumpsuit coming, cannot wait to wear it! xx

  6. Love the jumpsuit and the necklace <3


  7. Ahh that looks so cosy! That jumpsuit is the best of both worlds!
    Love the necklace too :)

  8. Maaaate you look amazin' :) x

  9. SO cute! That jumpsuit is amazing on you!

  10. Really cute and adorable egyptian scarab!
    Fede |


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