A New Breed of UGG

matalanfluffyjumper1 matalanfluffyjumper2 everourssparklynecklace uggaustraliakorynneboots uggaustraliakorynneboots2 matalanfluffyjumper3
Fluffy Jumper: Matalan
Korynne Boots: UGG Australia*
White Shirt: my mum's wardrobe!
Gem Necklace: Ever Ours
Skinny Jeans: Wallis via my sister's wardrobe!

Well I've already bought myself one item from my last wishlist post! In fact, I went out and got it the same day so I really have zero self control. I really really wanted this Matalan fluffy jumper though and I've worn it three times in the last couple of weeks so it's already worth it! I teamed it with a bit of bling from Ever Ours to add a bit of colour to an otherwise very monochrome outfit.

As soon as the cold weather arrives I practically live in boots when I'm out and about but sometimes I don't want to wear my heeled ankle or over the knee boots. If I'm planning on going on a bit of a long wander or if I'm going to be stomping over grass, through puddles or even on snow (in the future maybe) then I'd much prefer to slip on my super comfy and super sturdy Korynne UGG boots!

Now I have to be honest, if you'd known me at university then you probably wouldn't have thought that was a sentence I'd ever say. My housemate had a pair of the classic chestnut UGG boots and whilst I'd tried them on and felt like I was walking on a warm cloud I also thought that they just weren't pretty enough to be worn outside the house. Plus they got ruined in the rain, so really was there any point even having them as anything other than slippers in the UK?

Actually though, there's far more to the brand UGG Australia than the boots that made the name famous. There's a whole host of really gorgeous boots on offer and ones that are clearly designed to actually be worn outside in the elements! I fell in love with this style as soon as I saw them, the contrast in materials and the crisscross buckles add style to what are essentially the ultimate wellies - there's no water that'll be leaking into these bad boys! They took a bit of wearing in before they were totally comfortable and I do wish a teensy bit that the signature sheepskin sole liner was fixed in position as it can move around a bit but I can already tell that these are going to see me through any weather this winter, and they'll be doing it in style baby. 


  1. Wow I didn't know Ugg did beauties like these!

  2. Oooft those boots are gorgeous! I have some classic tall black uggs which I've had for a few years but I wonder if it's time to change it up!
    The Life of Emily-Alice

  3. oh these look cosy, as does that jumper. I need to go to Matalan soon! x

  4. I think a lot of people dont realise that UGG do a range of shoes and boots that arent their classic style. I love the look of some of their flats!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  5. Your boots are really unusual I love them! xx

  6. I am loving these UGG Boots - they look so sophisticated & smart. I had no idea UGG's did a range like this.

  7. They look great for UK Winter weather. I'd always looked on the Ugg website at their non traditional Ugg boots and wondered what they actually looked like on. So glad you did this posts! You've made me want some!

  8. I literally just got those Ugg boots an hour ago!


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