The Perfect Winter Ankle Boots | Matalan

One of the key pieces for any Autumn/Winter wardrobe in my opinion is a nice pair of ankle boots in a neutral colour, I tend to go for black but I've seen some gorgeous tan and brown pairs about as well. They can be worn with anything, dresses and tights, jeans and a jumper, even pencil skirts! I usually like a bit of a clumpy heel on my boots because they're pretty much the only type of heel that I can wear all day comfortably so I have to take advantage where I can!

This year I found my perfect pair of ankle boots in Matalan* they're usually £24 but if you pop in soon you can probably catch them on the deal I found them on which is £20 if you've got one of their points cards. I actually think these boots are quite similar in shape and style to the cult Acne Pistol boots which I love but can't quite afford at this point in my life!

I bought these boots with a gift voucher that I was very kindly given in my goody bag after I attended the recent #MatalanMovieClub at the Bulgari hotel in Kensington. Let me tell you guys, that there is a posh hotel...never before have I been escorted to the lift and then had the button pressed for me. Its also posh enough to have its own private cinema(!) but I'll get to that in a minute.

After stepping out of the lift I walked into the room where the event reception was being held and was immediately accosted by a waitress carrying glasses of champagne - well it would have been rude to refuse a glass wouldn't it? (and a second, and a third....and a fourth!) There were also trays of absolutely delicious canapés which I helped myself to, they had mini hamburgers! and macarons!

At the other side of the room there was a rail of some of the pieces from the new Matalan Statement collection which amongst other things had some really standout coats, I'd definitely recommend clicking onto the website if you're after some stylish yet affordable outerwear. I also got to have a nice long natter with the lovely Ruth who I've been pinging emails to for ages and never met face to face until now.

The reason for picking a hotel with a cinema has probably already been spotted by all you clever people who clocked the hashtag - after we had all mingled and chatted to old and new blogger friends we headed through to a private screening of the Woody Allen classic Midnight in Paris. I say classic, I had never seen it but I thoroughly enjoyed the story and the beautiful shots of Paris in the rain...and the beautiful shots of Tom Hiddleston and Michael Sheen. My only criticism of the film is that it ends in the way that all Woody Allen films seem to - abruptly.

All in all I had a wonderful time, it was a really fun event to attend and the fact that I managed to get my perfect ankle boots from it was the icing on the cake. Thanks for having me Matalan!


  1. What a cute event!
    I love the boots you bought. I agree that a pair of ankle boots are perfect for Autumn - they go with so many outfits. I am on the hunt for a nice pair & will be popping in to my local TK maxx for a look

  2. Ah this sounds like such a fun event!

  3. I am beyond envious, the hotel looks divine. Those boots are also gorgeous, I just got myself some new ankle boots, but sadly that style always makes my ankles look super chunky. SAD FACE.

  4. Those boots are gorgeous, I also love your frilly socks.
    The event sounds fab.

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life

  5. Those boots are amazing - really need to go to Matalan!
    The event looks great! :)

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  7. Those boots are beautiful! May have to pop into Matalan soon! xx

  8. It sounds like you had an amazing time and I love the boots! xx

  9. Loloks like you had such a great time and those boots look beautiful!

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