The Cat's Meow

Playsuit: ASOS
Necklace: Primark
Tights: eBay
Boots: Matalan*

I thought I'd get a quick set of photos of what I'm wearing to the fabulous #AxParty tonight before I head out since gawd knows I can't look normal in a photo after I've had a few cocktails. This playsuit once belonged to the lovely Rosie and when I saw she was selling it for a fraction of the original price in my size I knew I had to have it, I'm a bit of a playsuit fiend you see and the colour, oh the colour!

I saw tights like these on a girl in the street in London a few weeks ago and got incredibly overexcited and pointed them out to my boyfriend like a kid in a candy store. Unfortunately the awesome lady wearing them had disappeared before I had the presence of mind to ask her where she'd got them so instead I had to spend an evening googling cat tights instead! These were the cheapest and my favourite design and in the M/L they fit perfectly, even though the description made me worry they'd be too short in the leg for me. I love the cute little face and the jaunty tail, I want to wear them forever. Looks like I'll have to order a few more pairs eh?


  1. Well, you officially win the 'best tights ever' award! <3

    Jennie |

  2. Those tights are amazing! I really like your playsuit too, the colour looks great with your hair.

  3. The tights are adorable but not as adorable as that second picture of you! Love it.

  4. Love this outfit, those tights are so cute!! x

  5. OMG those tights. THOSE TIGHTS. I'm off to find them on eBay right now, because I need them in my life. Also, fuck the dress code, they're black, it's fine. Hope you had a lovely time last night. Worst thing about being a blogger- when the chance to see some friendly faces is a party you're not invited to.

  6. This colour looks lovely on you :) xx

  7. Ive had tights like those on my watch list on ebay for so long! I should buy them!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  8. Wow just look at those tights! How fab! Love the outfit! x

    Heroine In Heels

  9. Adorable! Really love the one piece x


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