What's on my Face | feat. Little Mix for Collection

Base: Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream
Powder: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Transparent
Blusher: NARS Orgasm 
Eyes: Naked Basics Palette
Mascara: Benefit They're Real*
Lipstick: Perrie's Lipstick for Collection*

So today I've attempted to give a what's on my face post a go! I've shied away from these a bit in the past because the close up pictures of my face give me the willies a bit but I think this one isn't too bad? I hope? Please forgive me for the state of my BB cream lid, but at least that proves that I use it I guess.

At the moment I've been loving using my Naked Basics Palette for every stage of my eye makeup bar the lashes, it does an amazing job for eyebrows, brow highlight and liner as well as your average smoky eye. 

The main attraction of this look is of course the purple lip which is courtesy of my new Collection lipstick. You might have noticed the recent release of a range of makeup for Collection by the girl band Little Mix and I attended the launch in London with my gorgeous pal Lauren this week. Whilst the range is clearly targeted more at their younger fans, a lot of the makeup reminds me of the kind of stuff I wore when I was fourteen or fifteen, the nail polishes and especially the lipsticks will be an all-round crowd pleaser. This purple one is part of Perrie's range and its a gorgeous, super pigmented, winter friendly shade with pretty good staying power!

Now I have to get cracking on packing for a weekend away in Paris courtesy of IDBus, if you have any recommendations (mainly for restaurants or great boutiques) please give me a shout on Twitter!


  1. You look beautiful! I really like the sound of the Naked Basics palette. I love using my Rimmel Stay Matte powder!

  2. Literally face twins... aside from the Naked palette and lipstick, I'm genuinely also wearing the above a LOT recently! xx

  3. The lipstick is such a great colour on you! Lovely post :)

    Becca @ Beauty & Becca x

  4. Lovely! I love that lipstick on you! I own both Stay Matte and Naked Basics and they are amazing! :)


  5. You look lovely, definitely don't be afraid of close ups, your skin is flawless! I'm a big fan of Stay Matte and They're Real. I haven't seen the Little Mix for Collection stuff yet but that lipstick is such a perfect colour for this season, I can't wait to check it out!

    Tilly xoxo

  6. You have just the puuuuuurrrrrfect skin Lauren! So glowy and beautiful :) Hope you had an amazing time in Paris! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. I definitely feel your pain about 'face of the day' posts (very self-conscious about my skin), but you needn't have worried, you look great! I haven't seen Little Mix's collection yet, but it sounds like I'll have to be on the look out for their lipsticks!
    My naked basics palette is my favourite multi-purpose eye kit, right now - I ran out of eyeliner a few weeks ago and have only just noticed how great the black looks when applied with a thinner brush.
    Have an amazing time in Paris, so jealous! xx

  8. I'm going on the hunt for that lipstick tomorrow, it's such a gorgeous colour and I'm obsessed with purple lipsticks!


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