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Hello again from France! Or should I say bonjour? Here's my second of the two scheduled videos I had ready to go up whilst I'm away in the sunshine. Sorry, I'll stop being smug now! This video was inspired by the lovely Lucy and her crazy hairstyles through the ages, definitely go and check hers out once you've finished laughing at mine!


  1. wow i love your hair short! it really suits you
    Emma x

  2. I loved this video, I like to kid myself that I haven't had much change in the hair department over the years, but then I remember the 'highlights' my mum put in that turned my hair yellow, and the time I had dark red hair for about 6 hours...

  3. Haha, bless. Should do a post like that, it's always shocking to look at your teenage years and be like WHAT WAS I THINKIN haha you pulled them all off tho, lucky you:) xx

  4. I think I like your bangs and ombre best, but honestly, you can pull off anything! Lucky duck ;)

    xo Ashley


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