Lisa Shepherd Express Colour Bar

Last picture courtesy of Serena!

On Wednesday I interrupted a day of sobbing over job rejections and dissertation woes to meet up with my gorgeous bloggy pal Tamsin and her lovely friend and new blogger Serena for lunch at The Breakfast Club followed by a trip to the futuristic looking Lisa Shepherd Salon on Oxford Street to try out the new Express Colour Bar.


The idea behind these bars is that you can pop in on a spare moment to have your colour touched up without having to worry about fitting in a three hour long highlighting appointment somewhere in your busy week. The menu at the bar details a variety of quick-fix treatments that you can go for (none of which cost more than £30) and if you're not done within an hour, you get your money back. In order to cut down on time in the chair all but one of the treatments leaves you to blowdry your hair yourself at a designated area filled with hairdryers and Redken styling products. 

The last time I got my hair highlighted was at the beginning of May and since then I just haven't been able to fit in a full blown appointment: first my hairdresser was on holiday and then I had essays to write and then suddenly I was left a few days before my holiday with pretty significant Rita Ora-esque dark roots. One quick 'Brighter Lights*' treatment later and my roots are still visible but they've been broken up with new blond highlights so that its not such a block of dark colour. Perfect to last me until the end of the month when I'll be back from holiday and have enough cash to have my highlights redone properly. 

These kind of treatments would be perfect if you have coloured hair and you suddenly get an invitation somewhere special before your next appointment comes around or if you have more bills than usual one month and you don't have the spare cash to have £80 worth of blonde highlights put in. I came away really impressed with the concept and the result and only one slight quibble - I kind of wish I'd been warned to bring a brush along with me as they aren't offered free of charge at the bar for hygiene reasons (which does make sense really, I probably should have thought of it myself!)

You can check out Serena's review of her treatment and experience here and I'll pop Tamsin's up as soon as its live!

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