Friday Favourites

Another Friday and another host of Friday Favourites for you to pick through and add immediately to your reading lists if you haven't already. At some point I'm feeling like I'll have to make this a monthly or bi-monthly thing rather than a weekly thing so that I don't run out of blogs, but I'll at least do this week and next week so don't worry your little socks off.

First up this week we have the lovely and beautiful lady Samantha from Tiny Paint Pot which is one of my most favourite lifestyle blogs ever ever ever. I contemplated leaving Sam out of the list from spite because I'm still not quite over the fact that she went to live with SLOTHS. Suddenly my life seems dull and bleak in comparison. In all seriousness though, she is fabulous and her photography is b.e.a.utiful.

Next up we have the super talented Kim from Love Cloth who has photo editing and arranging skills that make me want to smother myself with my pillow. I've also never seen anybody look quite so good in a pair of Topshop Joni Jeans. One of my favourite fashion blogs of all time I highly suggest you check this lady out, some serious wardrobe inspiration heading your way if you do!

What can I tell you about Corrie from Dizzybrunette3? She was one of the first beauty bloggers I ever followed and also one of the first beauty bloggers I ever met at an event where it turned out that she really IS as nice as she comes across in her posts. She's also got a pretty amazing YouTube channel and Cheryl Cole once told her that she has nice hair. (You're not wrong Chezza.)

Megs from Wonderful You is one of my favourite bloggers, twitterers and people even though I'm horrendously envious of her hair (voluminous) and legs (SO LONG). She genuinely looks good in everything she wears and she is the sole reason that I am contemplating dropping £25 on a fedora.

Suzie from Hello October has a beautiful blog but I especially love her amazing YouTube channel where she makes me want to spend serious cash on skincare and various other beauty products. She's high up on my 'most watched' list because she's really interesting and engaging and just generally fabulous, go and watch and subscribe!


  1. Such amazing blogs Lauren!

  2. I've just discovered Susie's YouTube as well and have spent far too many hours watching the back catalogue!


  3. I love love love Kim's blog, she is a serious beaute! I also am in awe of her photo editing, her style is so fun and unique! Hope you had a lovely weekend doll :)


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