Summer Holiday Wishlist

My lovely mother is currently on the verge of booking a villa in France for a week in August, which means that I get to go on a summer holiday! I'm ridiculously excited and I'm dragging Sean along for the occasion since we haven't managed to go on a summery holiday together since we went to Egypt in our first year at university. 

Of course August is still before my dissertation deadline at university which means that I will still be minus a full time job and therefore minus much money so any holiday shopping I do will have to be on the cheap. Luckily for me there are a load of summer sales going on at the moment, plus everyone knows a beach holiday is all about the accessories. Here are a few things that might take a cheeky tumble into my online shopping basket.

1) Bikini shopping is always a tough one for me and one that I am going to leave until the last minute this year since I'm trying to lose a bit of weight in the next month or so. I'm still not sure what I think of this type of 'vintage' longline bikini, but it looks so super pretty on the model, doesn't it?

2) These Juju jelly sandals are amazing, and such a steal at £6.50 in the sale. Not only do I love the nostalgic aspect of wearing the same kind of shoes I wore on holiday when I was 8, but I also love the fact that you can wear these around the pool and even into the sea and not worry about them being venomous sea creatures are going to sting MY feet.

3) As I said, beach holidays are all about the accessories and I love this kind of hair jewellery which seems to be everywhere at the moment. I think this would look perfect placed on a head of beachy waves.

4) The all important tote bag is a necessity for dragging your suncream, beach towel and favourite holiday reading material down to the side of the swimming pool and I love the cheeky slogan on this one.

5) I've never really been one for kaftans for some reason, I think they remind me a bit too much of ponchos...don't ask how my mind works. I'd much rather throw on a kimono like this one and it would also look great with a pair of denim shorts and sandals in the evening. 

6) If I don't quite feel brave enough to go for a longline bikini I have a feeling I'll choose something like this one: a bandeau style in a vibrant colour with a fun print. Missguided have really got some beautiful swimwear in this season, I'd recommend having a peek if you're on the look out!


  1. I'm loving the bikinis Lauren!

  2. That blue bikini is so gorgeous! I love vibrant colours like that for swimwear, so fun!

  3. University deadlines and doing things on the cheap are the story of my life at the moment too! My wish list is doubling each day I look at all these gorgeous fashion blogs.
    I absolutely love that bag! Very apt!

  4. Both those bikinis are GORGEOUS! x

  5. Such amazing bikinis and that bag is just too funny!

  6. Loving that cheeky tote bag. Might need to get one myself.

    Writer’s block and broken lenses

  7. Love the sandals and the kimono! Xx

  8. haha I absolutely love that tote bag's slogan! and those sandals are gorgeoussss!


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