Hot Hair Fishtail Braid

I mentioned on yesterday's outfit post that I would explain quite how my hair had managed to grow such a substantial amount in a couple of days that I was able to create the perfect fishtail plait. The answer of course is that it was a hairpiece, this really amazing new addition to the collection of wigs, clip in hairpieces and extensions that you can find over at Hot Hair

I've never worn any kind of extensions in my life before apart from that one clip in strip of leopard print (?!) hair that I bought at a school fair once when I was 15 so I had the teeniest bit of trouble at first getting it to look natural, especially because my hair is actually getting quite long so it was difficult to hide it just by following the instructions on the box. 

Thankfully Hot Hair were way ahead of me and have this video available to watch and learn from which finally enabled me to rock the kind of plait I've always envied on girls with bum length hair. My only criticism would be that the plait felt a little bulky which made me worried that it would fall out but in actual fact it stayed secure for a whole day with just a couple of hair grips. I'm now really looking forward to trying it out in a braided bun kind of look.

As you can see the colour was pretty much perfect for me which I was so happy about as the one thing I hate about clip ins is if you can obviously see that it isn't a match (and obviously being synthetic you can't dye these.) If you're like me and you're having trouble seeing what shade would be best for you I really advise you to drop the lovely people at Hot Hair a line by email or by twitter. Now go forth and fake fishtail, people!


  1. What. A. Babe! These look amazing! Xx

  2. Whit woo you're rocking a fish tail braid like nobodies business Lauren!

  3. oh missy, your comments are my fave <3

  4. I had no idea that this was a hairpiece when I first saw the pictures, it looks so good! xx

  5. Lauren I assumed you'd done the most perfect fishtail braid when I saw the first picture! It looks really good and so pretty on you! My hair is almost long enough to do a real one, but it makes my arms ache they take so long :( The fake one is a really good idea.

    Hope you're well, it was so lovely to meet you the other day. Something I wanted to invite you to - a new Facebook project I hope you'd be interested in, it's very relevant to what we were talking about with Gok! I'm asking women of all ages, shapes and sizes to show off their best features: The Accentuate the Positive Project - you simply upload a photo of your best feature to the wall and say why you love it so much. I think you and I both believe we should all be proud to say what we love about ourselves and I hope this is a great way for women to do it! Hope to see you there - and please do spread the word! (I'll be telling Tamsin...!) :)

    Catherine x

    1. ah I wish! :) was lovely to meet you too, will definitely check the facebook page out later! :) x

  6. the hair piece looks great!^^ doesn't even look artificial!

    new follower!

    come and check out mine if you'd like to

    Zara (Bows and Pearls)

  7. whaaaat this totally doesn't look like fake hair! When I read that outfit post I thought you'd found some amazing hair product to make your hair grow (not that I need any more hair) daaang! You're looking fly btw!

  8. Bahaha to the leopard print piece of hair. You so sexy ;) Absolutely love this fishtail braid. I need one in my life - it looks so flawless! xx

  9. This looks great, but what have you done with your actual hair? I don't get how to hide it :-/ x

  10. oh my god! It's a cheat. It's bloody amazing. I want! xx



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