Friday Favourites

Hi everyone! So I've seen these kind of posts on a lot of blogs lately and I really like reading them, its always nice to discover new blogs and see what everyone else is reading/watching. I'm going to try and do one of these every Friday because I have a HUGE list of blogs and YouTube channels that I check out all the time so I'll work through that list in no particular order!

First up we have the lovely Ellie from Style and Starbucks who is one of my favourite fashion bloggers, I can't believe how well she dresses and I always come away from her blog with new outfit much does the above picture make you want to get a skort?! She's also one of my favourite people to chat to on Twitter, she's super lovely. 

Next up we have one of my all time favourite people ever, which is odd considering we still haven't met in real life (though that will all change next Saturday!) Islay from has the best nail art skills I've ever seen and I can't believe how steady her hand must be. She also has really, really nice hair and I kind of want to steal it and make a wig out of it.

Lauren from Little Red is an amazing beauty blogger who has become one of my real life friends, I love catching up with her over a crepe or a crappy salad! She's seriously going from strength to strength with her blog at the moment, keep an eye on her because I think she's going to be the next big thing in the beauty blogging world!

Mona from Mona Dot is one of my newest blogging discoveries, I came across her after a #lbloggers/#bbloggers chat on Twitter and since then I have been totally obsessed, I'm working my way through all her posts! The layout of her blog is gorgeous and she takes some fantastic photographs. I also have total wardrobe envy, it has to be said!

Last but not least we have Lucy, who has been one of my blogging pals pretty much from when I started! She has a pretty fantastic blog as well but lately I've been watching and rewatching her YouTube videos...she's just started filming them and she comes across just as she does in real life: bubbly, interesting and absolutely hilarious. Definitely check out her channel and subscribe!


  1. Love these types of posts, it's great to find new blogs and channels which I haven't been on before, so thank you :)

    1. No problem, I love them too! xo

  2. such a great way to find new blogs, I'm checking out Mona's blog right now!


  3. Such a good idea for a post!i now have 2 new blogs to read:)

  4. I love these kind of posts there a great way to find out new bloggers. I especially love Lucy's channel.

  5. Love these posts, I've found a new blog to read! x

  6. I just found you via the lbloggers chat!
    I really like these posts, I think some of the best blogs are the lesser well known ones
    Lottie xxx

  7. Awww these posts are great! I really want to do one on my blog too! Its a great way to share the love Xx


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