Taste of London with ACHICA

Last Friday I dragged myself away from playing the Sims 3 in bed (seriously I need help) to jump on a train to Regents Park to spend an afternoon in the sun at Taste of London, which I was invited to by the lovely people over at ACHICA. I've never been to Taste before but had always wanted to go so I was very excited to visit the stalls of a few of the different brands that sell through the Achica Food Hall. 

First we swung by the Tails Cocktails stand to taste a few of the drinks and get a talk on the history of the company from the founder Nick Wall. If like me you're a fan of cocktails above any other alcoholic drink you might be interested in Tails, who provide 'pre-mixed' cocktails made from premium spirits and natural ingredients so you don't feel like they've compromised on the taste you'd get at an upmarket cocktail bar. I can confirm that they deliver on this promise, I've never tasted a better Espresso Martini in my life and I've had a fair few in my time!

Next we headed over the The Olive Oil Co. where we had the most amazing but slightly bizarre tasting experience I've ever had...think little plastic spoons held out ready to have balsamic vinegar poured into them to be consumed like medicine. It might have felt slightly weird but it tasted amazing, my ultimate favourite was a sweet and mellow white balsamic vinegar which I need in my life so that I can add copious amounts of it to summer salads. 

Last but not least we finished up our tour at the Chase Distillery stall where we learnt all about their potato vodka. Yep, vodka made from potatoes, am I the only one who didn't know vodka could be made like that? I had a cheeky shot of the rhubarb vodka which was delicious and would be perfect in various cocktails, as no doubt the marmalade vodka that I was eyeing up would be as well. 

All in all it was an amazing afternoon, I really enjoyed hearing about the history behind the brands and I also got to have a long chat with the beautiful Paula who I had come across at events before but never really been able to meet properly. At the end of it all I left with a wishlist the size of my arm and slightly too much of an alcohol buzz for it being pre-5pm...what better start to a weekend could there be?


  1. Ohh this looks like my favourite kind of festival!

    I've just ordered tickets for Jamie Oliver's Feastival later in the Summer :) I can't wait to try lots of new food and drink xx

  2. Ooo looks like you had a fab day :)

    Lovely pictures :)


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