Let Me See Your Peacock

Dress: Primark 
Belt: New Look 
Watch: ASOS

There is one thing a maxi dress is absolutely perfect for, other than flouncing around and clutching it as you're climbing up or down stairs pretending you're a princess. They are the best choice for when you're having a day like today, where the weather is pretty rubbish in general but still manages to be humid as anything. A nice light maxi dress will keep you feeling nice and cool but won't leave you open to trauma via a stray gust of wind like a little sun dress will. 

This maxi dress I got a couple of years ago from the Primark in Dundee, and I think the reason I love it so much is that its pretty damn obnoxious, a little bit like me...

I feel like I'm pretty well camouflaged in this dress as well, maybe I should have hidden behind the hedgerow and taken a picture so you guys could have played a game of spot Lauren? 


  1. You beauty Lauren! You look stunning m'dear!

  2. oh wow, you look stunning! And that dress! I can't believe it's from Primark :D xxxx

  3. What a lovely dress! You look beautiful! x

  4. wow! How amazing do you look. The print on this is gorgeous, and fits you amazingly xx

  5. This is such a princess dress- it reminds me of all the historic dramas like Game of Thrones or something, totally awesome! Hello Hotness.


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