Good news everyone! It is currently 2:31pm and I have JUST clicked the submit button on the very last essay that I had left. That's seven essays and 28,000 words of pure stress out of my hands now so everyone keep your fingers crossed that at least some of what I wrote made sense and I don't fail miserably...

Now that massive deadline is out of the way I should have a lot more time to devote to blogging so there won't be another massive two week gap for a while, unless of course I DO fail and then I'll probably just run off into a desert somewhere and never come back.

Recently I received a very intriguing invitation from Voucher Codes UK and last week I went along to one of my favourite events that I have ever been to, the Most Wanted Swap Shop. The basic premise was that you brought along up to five items that you don't want or wear anymore, get given a number of stamps depending on the value of your item and then swap them with other people's stuff! I took along a few bits that haven't seen the outside of my wardrobe in months and came home with a Zara clutch bag and blouse, a gorgeous ASOS dress and a lovely summery maxi-dress by a brand I hadn't heard of up until now. 

As well as coming away with what basically amounted to a free shopping trip there was also a customisation table, a manicurist from Blossom & Jasmine and as many cocktails and sweeties that could be consumed. Plus the holy grail of all press events, a photobooth with jazzy accessories. I spent a good couple of hours chatting away and messing about with my friend Izzy who I dragged along with me and longtime blogging pals Hannah, Rosie, Sarah and Chloe. What a wonderful interlude to a fortnight of library stress it was!


  1. Oh! I was meant to go to that, but I had an essay deadline (oh, why did we decide to do an M.A., eh?) and had no clothes to donate. DAMNIT! Would have been so nice to catch up with you over a mani!

    -Elodie x


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