Birthday Wishlist

On Wednesday the 19th of June I will turn 23 and man does that feel weird. If I think back to when I was 16 and what I thought would happen with my life I believe I was of the opinion that I'd be married and living in my own house and contemplating babies by 25, and now my opinion when I think of that happening in the next two years is more along the lines of NO I'M FAR TOO YOUNG AND CAREFREE *sob sob*. 

Still, despite the fact that 23 is one step closer to a quarter of a century which just sounds ridiculous I can't quite bring myself to dread my birthday just yet, since it still results in cake, presents and lots of people paying attention to me. I may even wear a badge and carry a balloon around so even strangers know its my special day. (Don't judge me, you know you've done it before.)

So in that vein, here are a few things that I would quite like to receive this year, any family members reading this feel free to jot them down. The shirt and the jeans are two wardrobe staples that I've been looking for recently and I figure I may as well go for a slightly more upmarket version than Primark or H&M since getting them on my birthday conveniently removes the need to pay for them myself. The accessories are just nice little things that I've bookmarked over the last month or so but never got around to actually buying so I thought I'd pop them on my wishlist. Last but not least Mum I would really, really like an icecream cake.


  1. I don't have my own house, babies or a boyfriend and I'm 25 *sob* actually, it's loads of fun and my friends who are married and have kids don't get up to exciting stuff like me ;) love that bracelet from Topshop xx

  2. Great wishlist, the hat is very cute! I hope you have a lovely birthday and you get everything you want :) xx

  3. Ohhh blingy sandals are perfect for birthday girls! I think you should use this as an excuse to treat yourself ;)


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