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You know those adverts in a lot of women's fashion magazines that show the designer and high-street versions of the same trend? I always, always resolutely look at the high-street version first because that will be what I could probably afford right now, but I can never help myself from just taking a sneaky peek at the designer versions and daydreaming over what it would be like to get those ones instead. 

I'm the same with websites that sell designer fashion, I couldn't tell you how many hours I have spent putting things in various baskets and only stopping and clicking off the page when I've reached about £10,000 worth of stuff. Even though I know I can't afford any of it right now, its nice to aspire to! 

Avenue 32 has been this months designer goods site of choice for me, and I've made many, many mental wishlists of what I'd buy if I won the lottery or one of those spam emails from rich foreign people leaving you their estate turned out to be true. 

I've included my most recent Spring trends wishlist above, with pastel shades by Peter Som, monochrome by Narcisco Rodriguez and Vika Gazinskaya and the most gorgeous neon satchel by 3.1 Philip Lim. Then there's the ultimate dream item, the stunning cobalt blue gown by Marios Schwab

P.S. Just so you know guys, when you absentmindedly look around your boyfriend's flat and find yourself contemplating how much his tv and games consoles would fetch on eBay, you've been online window shopping too long. (Just kidding?)

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  1. I love everything you've picked. I often browse the more high end sites, window shopping!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  2. Oh god I know, I get serious label envy sometimes! When we're fabulously wealthy Leanne...hahaha <3

  3. Any bag by Phillip Lim is on my wishlist ahhhh <3333

  4. I do the same thing! I love the bag and the jeans :) xx

    1. ha glad I'm not the only one mentally spending all my monies ;) xo

  5. Love the blue dress - how stunning!!! x


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