Grey Blue

Playsuit: Primark
Jumper: New Look
Clutch Bag: eBay
Shoes: ASOS
Necklace: Stolen from my mum!

This playsuit is probably still my favourite thing that I've ever found from Primark and I can't wait to be able to wear it without tights when the sun finally comes out! Though it has to be said, I'm a bit worried I'll look like all those teenage girls who wear hotpants that end halfway up their bumcheeks as it is very short on me. I felt a bit too chilly to have bare arms today so I threw on this grey New Look jumper that I bought a couple of years back purely because it had pom poms on it. Well that's as good a reason as any to buy knitwear right?

You might be able to see that my cat decided to join in with my photoshoot today, he was lurking in the background meowing the whole time because he'd had enough of being outside in the cold and he couldn't see why I wouldn't just open the bloody door. He's a very demanding moggy.

Last but not least, if you've started moving on over to bloglovin in case we end up losing GFC at some point (although bear in mind nothing has been said about it yet) you can find my blog on it here.


  1. You look lovely Lauren, your jumper is fab! xxx

  2. Love that big clutch bag, and playsuits are just great - this one looks lovely!

  3. You look lovely - that clutch bag is amazing! So bright and big, love it! x

    1. I absolutely adore the colour <3 xo

  4. Such a lovely outfit, that jumper is amazing! xx

  5. Replies
    1. only if I can have your face bbz <3

  6. I am loving all your outfits recently without exception (not that I didn't before, but like, love em even more!) almost as much as I love penguins ;)

  7. I love this <3 The grey jumper is just gorgeous and I love the pop of blue in the necklace. Lovely xx


  8. I love the pop of blue in this outfit and I LOVE the jumper!

    Rachel x
    Lost In Lipstick

  9. Stunning photographs, I love the composition of them. And I adore that playsuit also, it looks lovely with the jumper and bright blue!

  10. Love that jumper! it looks so snugly!
    Really like your blog! Now following on bloglovin' :)
    Check out mine if you like :)

  11. Bloomin' love this outfit and the colour coordinating shoes and bags <3 xxxxxx


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