Skinetica Review

Recently I seem to have been suffering with a whole host of new skin problems that I've not really experienced before. Firstly, having a blunt fringe cut in led to me developing lots of tiny little spots on my forehead which really annoyed me even if nobody else could see that they were there. Secondly, after a lifetime of having normal skin sometimes erring on the side of being a bit dry, suddenly I was finding myself firmly in the oily skin category. My makeup was practically sliding off my face everyday and oh boy was I shiny.

Never having dealt with these kinds of skin problems before I was happy to try any product that came my way which offered a solution-step in Skinetica. The main reason I was happy to give Skinetica a trial was because it promises to cause absolutely no reactions-it becomes chemically inert once dry on the skin. Anyone who saw my post on the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation will understand why this was a massive plus point for me! 

I'm not going to pretend to understand all the science behind this product, if you want to understand it in more detail there's a lot of information on it on the FAQ page. All I know is that after using it for two weeks (twice a day, applied after cleansing) the little spots on my forehead have completely disappeared. The effect on my oily skin hasn't been quite so dramatic but I have noticed an improvement on my forehead and around my nose. 

I can't guarantee that this product will help you with your blemishes, but I'd say it is definitely worth giving it a shot, especially since you can request a free sample on the website. Or just go ahead and splash out the £9.99 including postage and packaging for a full size bottle. I reckon I have a while to go before I finish this one, and once I do I will definitely be repurchasing. 


  1. I had a little bottle of this and it did nothing for me! Glad it works for you lovely & I've been seeing lots of good things about it recently! Love that it's quite affordable too!

    Jennie xo |

  2. This sounds interesting! I might purchase if I ever run out of the Origins spot treatment. I got a fringe a few months ago and I have loads of tiny little spots on my head too, they're so annoying! xo

  3. I might have to use my Boots points and pick this up! I've been having a bit of trouble with my cheek areas lately so it's worth a go! xx

  4. Sounds interesting. And for just under £10 quite affordable! I also have tiny spots on my forehead so I just bought a bottle of Origins Spot Remover the other day as I've heard such great things about it.

  5. I got a free trial from their website, and have to say, it's been fab for break outs, as my skin is MEGA sensitive.

    If you're struggling with oily skin, I whole heartedly recommend the Boots No7 Beautiful skin moisturisers (any everything else) but the moisturisers and BB cream for oily skin are especially good as their all oil free.

  6. Wow I think I NEED to try this! I have quite oily skin too and my foundation and base have usually disappeared about three hours after application :(

    Thanks for the recommendation!


  7. I've never heard of this brand before, it sounds really interesting!

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