Bill's Restaurant | Covent Garden

One restaurant that I have seen many a blogger frequent on their blogs or on Instagram is Bill's in Brighton. What I didn't realise was that there was no need for me to look at the photos of yummy looking food enviously and wish that I lived there, because there's actually one in Covent Garden as well.

Sean and I decided to head there this morning for brunch, though with one thing or another we ended up getting there closer to afternoon. We decided to get the tube to Covent Garden rather than walk because Sean had his golf clubs, but then Covent Garden was closed due to a fire alarm so we ended up having to walk anyway, just in the opposite direction!

When we arrived there was about a 20 minute wait for a table and we were super hungry so like the hardcore ex-Scotland dwellers we are we decided to go for an outside table and get seated immediately. I went for the raspberry, peach and mango juice and Sean went for the carrot, orange and ginger juice but we both liked the other one more so we ended up swapping-we've done this a few times at various places before. In terms of breakfast choices though we couldn't be more different, I love savoury breakfast foods and I went for my favourite of all time-eggs benedict, whereas Sean much prefers the American way of going for something sweet with syrup and fruit so he had the french toast.

The food was delicious, although I wouldn't have complained if the portion sizes were a teeny bit bigger. The price is pretty reasonable for central London and I'd definitely recommend going there for breakfast if you're in the area, I'm already planning on heading back soon to test the lunch and dinner menus!


  1. Oo! This all looks so tasty! Wish there was an equivalent in Leeds :( xx

  2. Eggs benedict always looks so yummy but i've never tried it! need to get myself to some of these restaurants!

    Zoe |

  3. Ahh that french toast looks amazing! I'm a massive fan of all breakfast food & am always on the hunt for good places to go xx

  4. oooh one just opened in Cardiff, will have to give it a try x

  5. That french toast looks amazing, such a massive fan of french toast (except for the banana, no thanks!) I love that you didn't want to wait so you sat outside, especially as the two people in the outside photo look pretty cold and are wearing coats, haha! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  6. Wow the food looks so colourful and delicious! x

  7. It looks so tasty and the prices look reasonable! X

  8. Wow this place sounds amazing! Gonna have to check it out! xx

  9. Covent Garden is so beautiful, this is going on my list for my next travels x

  10. Replies
    1. I love Bills! <3 Best sort of, quirky, arty restaurant out there!! xx


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