highland fling

Top: Primark
Earrings: Pop Couture*
Necklace: Pop Couture*
Trousers: Pop Couture*

A little while back I attended the Pop Couture Christmas event at the Neo Barbican where I browsed the gorgeous collection, had my lips made all glittery, hung out with new and old blogging friends and also did shots of champagne for the first time in my life-I could get used to it! (Check out some gorgeous photos of the event on the blogs of Lauren, Jem and Holly because I stupidly forgot to take my camera!)

The collection was full of gorgeous baroque prints, velvet and embellishment but when I saw the lovely Ellanora wearing these tartan trousers I knew I had to have them. Plus Sean is Scottish so now whenever he rocks his kilt I can pull these out of the wardrobe! Ellanora did advise me to size up in these and I'm glad I did as they fit perfectly.

I thought I'd wear my hair up to showcase the earrings, what do you think of it? My friend Jara thinks it suits me having it up now I have a fringe and I'm bowing to her superior judgement!


  1. Love this!! This look was worn loads in the 70s when punk and New Romantics ruled. That necklace is gorge though!!

  2. Your hair looks lovely up! And the outfit is great :) wish I could pull something off like this! Xx

  3. ahh, you got your trousers! Looks good - I also got that necklace! :) x

  4. Gaah, I love those trousers! The print is too good. xo

  5. errrm you look mega hot here baby cakes!

  6. You look so good in this outfit! Love your earrings xx


  7. I love love love the punky look! I'm all about leather jackets and studs so I can definitely see myself wearing tartan trousers to complete the look! I love the peplum top as well! x

  8. I love that tartan! It looks so gorgeous in red <3

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  9. That top fits you like a dream! Love your pants too!

    <3 Melissa


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