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Hello everyone! As you know I'm on a bit of a slow journey to try and lose two stone to get down to 10 stone by my birthday next year. I've lost a stone this year from a combination of weight watchers and the Zaggora hotpants challenge, and now I need to get cracking on the last fourteen pounds!

A little while ago Maxitone kindly sent me a little Beauty Lunchbox to inspire me to get on with my weight loss, containing protein powder, protein cereal bars and a cute little Clinique set as a treat. 

The little cereal bars make a perfect snack and really work to keep you full so I've taken to carrying them around in my handbag in case I need a little something on the go, taste wise they're not amazing as they taste a tiny bit synthetic but they're definitely edible so I won't complain. 

Now its time for me to get started on the protein shake along with some exercise to try and lose a couple more pounds before New Years Eve. Maxitone recommend that you drink one shake at breakfast time and then another after exercise if you do any so I'm going to give that a try. I'm going to update you all with the results on the 31st so that gives me pretty much a month to work as hard as I can, here's hoping I'll be entering 2013 a little bit lighter and slimmer hey?


  1. Good luck with this Lauren, you've done so well so far and I'm sure you can do it! :) xoxox


  2. Good luck :-) I know how bloody hard it is, im currently on a strict diet and every where I look there seems to be temptation lol but I have a bit more to go then you! :-( poor me lol

  3. Eek, good luck Lauren! I have to eat low fat foods so I don't have a real issue with this but still have that, urm, bloated tum. I try and do the plank every day to work the core - and yes stranding up straight does make you slimmer!!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! I've been on and off WW for a year and a half and it's done wonders for me - I managed to lose 10 pounds and maintain my weight since then...In the past couple of months I've given up because I've been so busy at uni, but this definitely makes me want to give it another go! Do you use the WW app? How do you stay motivated? I think motivation is my biggest problem!

    ps-Clinique set? YES PLEASE! xx

  5. Good luck! Losing weight is soo difficult! Xx


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