Boohoo DIY Winter Knitwear

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So you guys know that I love a good clothing customisation, even if my skills are very limited. I'm slowly trying to improve my attempts and add little details to my clothing, and I started off with the super easy task of adding studs to one of my winter jackets.

Now I seem to have caught the DIY bug and have been scouring YouTube for tutorials that look like even I might be able to follow them. I think the one above by Boohoo is amazing, I love the elbow patch trend and sequins instead of the usual tweed or leather jazzes the look right up! It really is the perfect way to add a bit of festive sparkle to your winter knitwear if you're on a budget-and if you don't have a sequin skirt to hand that you fancy cutting up I know you can get sequinned fabric from a variety of places for a reasonable price.

What do you think of this idea? I really want to get some black sequin fabric and glitz up this gorgeous red jumper or perhaps some gold sequin patches on this cream one.

*This post is sponsored by Boohoo.


  1. I love DIYs! I keep meaning to stitch elbow patches on a cardigan, I think it's such a cute idea x

  2. I've been meaning to do the sequin elbow patch thing for ages since I saw a step by step DIY on A Pair and a Spare but I've never got round to it yet. You may have just reinspired me, that cream jumper is perfect for it.

  3. I love DIY'ing my clothes! Lovely video :) xxx

  4. Amazing idea, I'd be scared to do that but it looks very cool!


  5. Great way to make high street unique!

  6. ooo such a good idea :) makes me want to do some DIY :D


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