A Year of Outfits.

2012 is nearly over, and phew what a year it has been! I was thinking that it had flown by, but going through my outfit pictures of January and February felt like looking at a completely different person, and a completely different blog! Some of my earlier outfit posts do make me cringe a bit to look at them if I'm honest, isn't it weird how much your style can change over a relatively short space of time?

This year we had the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, and in my personal life I lost a stone, graduated from St Andrews, moved home and got accepted on an MA course in London. I also learnt that short hair doesn't suit me as much as I thought it did, that fake tanning is not a lifestyle choice I should embrace and that if I think my skirt is too short-IT PROBABLY IS.

Happy 2012 guys, aren't we all glad the world didn't end?


  1. omg Lauren your hair/outfit/pose/face in the February one is TO DIE FOR. Seriously guuuurl I love you hair like that! I love the ombré too though and I love the outfit you picked for the November one especially!
    Oh and hiya to the sloth!

  2. Happy New Year everyone and you Lauren, I'll be doing a New year's post! Visit: fatmavel.blogspot.com

  3. Happy New Year! All the best...and I hope you will post loads more outfits on your blog in 2013! x

  4. Happy New Year Lauren, all the best for 2013, and I hope you're proud of your huge successes (not least Laurenella) in 2012.


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