my christmas wish list

asos mixed metals watch: I really need a new watch and I like the idea that with this one it would blend in with whatever jewellery I chose to wear because it has a mix of all the metals in it. I also want quite a chunky 'boyfriend' style because I want it to make a statement on its own.

decleor cleansing milk: I've been searching for new additions to my skincare regime for ages and decleor has been on my radar for a while but I've never got round to purchasing anything from them, so putting them on my Christmas wishlist seems like the perfect time!

decleor tonifying lotion: similarly with the toner-its the one that goes with the cleanser I want and hey, why not complete the set?

topshop highlighter in sunbeam: I have yet to find a highlighter I really like but this one has loads of good reviews and is raved about by loads of bloggers so I thought I'd give it a shot! 

rosetta stone cuff: I am a massive nerd when it comes to Ancient History (hence why I'm doing an MA on it) and my particular area of interest is Ancient Egypt. I've seen the Rosetta Stone at the British Museum and its one of the most amazing discoveries from antiquity, so why WOULDN'T I want it on a bracelet?!

ever ours burgundy boots: I love Ever Ours, I love Kim (who is behind it all) and I love these boots. I've been looking for the perfect pair of studded low heel boots and I really like the unusual colour of these ones-burgundy is my favourite colour for Autumn/Winter! I can already picture wearing these with my black skinny jeans and a festive jumper whilst opening my presents.

yankee candle in french vanilla: I'm currently merrily burning my way through my Yankee Candle jar in Sugared Apple so I can tell I'm going to need a new one before long, I love the sweet smell of this one-though I'm a bit worried burning it will make me crave dessert all the time...


  1. I'd love the Topshop highlighter, I keep meaning to pick it up! The watch is a beauty too, and I can never resist a good Yankee Candle! xo

  2. gotta say, those boots are my fav! love that colour. shame the suede would be ruined after 10 minutes in scotland.

  3. I need that highlighter too, looks amazing and heard nothing but good things! Am loving the laura mercier rose rendezvous one I got last xmas though, so shiny!! If you get the topshop one please swatch hehe!!

  4. I looove topshop makeup, and would be happy with that highlighter! That watch is just gorgeous tho!!

  5. Ooh that candle sounds incredible, I love vanilla scents! I've also been tempted by the Topshop highlighter, it looks so pretty <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. the boots are my favourite!xxx

  7. I love that bracelet and the store has Sherlock and Austen ones too. NEED!

  8. Oooh I want everything! Particularly the candle and decleor things, drooling a little!

  9. I was so excited about seeing the rosetta stone when I was in London! That bracelet is the best thing ever! x

  10. Pretty choices! Amazing blog!
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