recipe post: chocolate chip banana cake

Hello again! Another recipe post from me, and yet more cake! I'm starting to think doing this MA degree could end up being very bad for my waistline...

This recipe is perfect for when you've bought a bunch of bananas and not quite managed to eat them all before a couple have gone all black and squishy. Not so nice to eat on their own then but perfect to shove in a cake with some chocolate!

Yum! Serve with a cup of tea (I say cup but what I really mean is MASSIVE BUCKET SIZED MUG.)


  1. I would like you to come over and make this for me please. pretty please???

  2. I could do with a slice now but. must. resist!!!

  3. can i come over and eat some of yours please? my boyfriend hates banana's and as much as i like eating cake all to myself, i have to have so excuse to bake a cake.... xx

  4. OMG that looks amazing. I guarantee it won't turn out like that if I attempt it though!x


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