Payday Haul!

Hello lovelies! So you know the deal, you get paid and look at your bank balance and you think that you are possibly the richest person in the land at that very moment. For the next few days you wander about splashing your cash like some kind of friendly baron. Then you get to midway through the month and realise you have about a hundred quid to last you until your next payday.

That is what happened to me this month (as it does every month) but at least it has meant that I had a nice little 'haul' to film for you guys! So check it out and give it some love, it might go some way to making me feel better about the fact that I'll have to live on pennies for a while!


  1. Has happened to me every month for about 5 years now.
    BUT I think you are the TOTAL BEES KNEES.

  2. I had the mother of all blowouts on payday this month, skint all month now :( I've never done a video before, really want to try one now x

  3. I love your buys! The navy dress with the white collar is my fave :)

    louisejoyb x


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