Happy Birthday laurenella! (a recipe post)

Hello everyone, I'm back! Did you all miss me? Don't answer that, of course you did. So as you may have guessed from the title, laurenella is one today. It definitely doesn't feel like 52 weeks since I first decided to start posting pictures of myself on t'internet but at the same time it feels longer because I've crammed so much in-going to events, meeting up with various bloggers and tweeting over 18,000 times (holy cow.)

I have been celebrating by stuffing my face with some delicious brownie that I threw together yesterday. (Literally threw together, I took a ton of bits from loads of different recipes and just hoped they would work...)

I call these delicious treats 'Brondies' but really they're just a marbled brownie, I just like mixing words together to get a new word and brownies plus blondies equals brondies. Fantabulous.


  1. Woo happy birthday Laurenella! xo

  2. ahh I thought you had been blogging for longer! My 1st blog birthday is on the 23rd- woo!


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! Are the brownies gone or do we have some left for tomorrow? :D

  4. I could do with a slab right now with a cup of hot chocolate - that looks delish!! Sadly, I'm on a diet.... :(

  5. Happy Blog Birthday! <3
    On a diet at the moment (as ever!) but this ooks like a serious contestant for my celebration of losing 25lbs milestone :L


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