What's in my hand luggage?

Hola lovelies! Or should I say Szia? As you're reading this I'll be on a plane winging my way to beautiful Budapest, Hungary. 

Me and my boyfriend are massive cheap skates so we booked our flights with hand luggage only because having hold luggage cost about £80 more! I've therefore spent a couple of hours today whittling down clothes and jewellery and hunting through my old Glossybox samples for various under 100ml toiletries. 

Oversized bag that just about complies with Ryanair standards that I stole from my sister (she didn't even know she had it!) Flip flops, sunglasses, mini face and body suncream, toothpaste (my toothbrush will be thrown in last minute tomorrow morning...) hair brush, deodorant and Armani perfume.
Various under 100ml samples-body lotion, face moisturiser, lip balm, sea spray, shampoo and conditioner sachets. 
Hair bands, hair grips and hair clips, a couple of makeup brushes for blusher and bronzer, BB cream, bronzer, blusher, lip butters, mascara, eyeliner and HD Brow Beater.
Various outfits and jewellery-though I'm a bit worried that I'm going to be too cold now that I've double checked the weather forecast! Never what you want to feel before going on a summer holiday. 

Two pretty dresses in case we go out somewhere nice or take advantage of the amazing 12th floor cocktail bar at our hotel. (I say in case-who am I kidding? Is 2pm too early for a French Martini?)
Pyjamas, iPhone charger (just remembered to pack my adapter and camera charger as well because of this post!) Folder with all the boarding passes/transfer information, bikini (going to steal one of the hotel towels to save space...)
Mini bag for daytime trips, umbrella (curse you weather forecast!) iPhone, passport, hand sanitizer and purse with my EHIC and currency. 
Looking at this I'm trying to work out if I've forgotten anything that I need to throw in there last minute. I'm going to pick up a couple of magazines and maybe a puzzle book at the airport tomorrow, but knowing my luck I'll realise something else crucial as soon as I get on the plane. As long as I have my passport and some cash I should be fine though right? Right?!


  1. I've weirdly never thought to just take hand luggage when I'm going away for a few nights, didn't even realise how much it could save you! I'll definitely be doing this when I go away next. Hope you have a lovely trip! x

  2. You packed well! I always take too much! Have a lovely time! x

  3. You've packed so well! You've managed to get everything you'd need in such a small bag :)



  4. Have an amazing holiday lovely! Can't wait for holiday outfit posts and pictures ;)

  5. wow, you have mad packing skills to do hand luggage only!

  6. Budapest is such a gorgeous city! Have a fabulous time. xx


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