Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm

So I've already posted about one of the things I picked up on a lunch time Superdrug spree, today I thought I'd post about another one. I've been looking for the perfect BB cream for a while, and whilst I've tried a few that are quite good I've still not find the perfect one. 

When I saw this new Sleek release I knew I had to try it-I've loved every Sleek product that I've used up until now and I was intrigued by the fact that it looked like it had slightly heavier coverage than the other BB creams I've tried so far. 

I have found that I have to use the product quite sparingly as it is very thick and heavy-as you can see from the shot of it unblended on my hand above. I do really like it though-I find normal tinted moisturisers too light in general but this provides the perfect amount of coverage. The only issue is that there are only four available shades so you're unlikely to get an exact match-I got the shade 'Light' which I would prefer to be just a tiny bit lighter to be my perfect shade. 

Sleek claim that this BB cream can be used as a primer, a tinted moisturiser or a concealer and that it contains Vitamins C and E to boost skin radiance and protect it from signs of ageing, along with SPF 15 to prevent sun damage. 

You can purchase the Be Beautiful Blemish Balm for £8.99 from most large Superdrugs or from the Sleek website

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