pirate cove crazy golf!

Most of you that live in the South East will have visited Bluewater Shopping Centre at least once in the decade or so that it has been open. When I was fourteen I could turn up for the shops opening at 10am and still be browsing hours later before heading home for dinner at around 6pm. 

These days I don't quite have the stamina to do an all day shopping spree, and I think we can all agree that shopping is a teeny bit less fun now it doesn't consist of you picking out the most hideous outfit in the shop for your mate to try on. 

Luckily, Bluewater isn't just a shopping centre anymore, and you can break up the monotony of too much retail therapy by going to the spa, or the cinema, or taking a pedalo out on the 'lake' in the summer. Or-as me, my sister and the boyfriends did today-you can play a cheeky bit of mini golf. 

Oops looking a bit tubby in these pictures! That'll teach me to go to the gym more than once every two weeks. Unflattering photos aside, it was a fab day out, and actually pretty good value. We paid £8.50 for 18 holes and if we'd gone after 6pm we could have used a voucher and got a second game free (there are two courses to choose from-smugglers or pirates!) 

I'm becoming a bit of a mini golf fiend recently, I keep telling myself that one of these days I will beat my boyfriend but he has been playing actual golf since he was about 8 so it isn't my fault that I keep coming up short!

Is mini golf your idea of a fun day out? Or would you stick to the spa and the cinema!


  1. I love mini golf! Looks like you had a great day xx

  2. I do love a game of mini golf lovely although I do get slightly over competitive with the boyfriend haha! Looks like a fun day out hun!

    Eda ♥

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  3. ahh that looks so cool! i've never played mini golf before but it always looks like a good laugh. i miss bluewater! i used to live in chislehurst so we went there all the time xx

  4. In the great weather you had- I would definitely have gone and played a bit of mini golf! Looks like you had as great day :)


  5. I'm not sure how I never knew that Bluewater had a minigolf place, I go every couple of weeks! Glad the sun had his hat on for you :) Cx

  6. I love mini golf, though I'm absolutely AWFUL at it! Looks like you had a great day :)

    Chloe x


  7. Looks so much fun! I've never played mini golf.... Clearly I was deprived as a child! Haha. X

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