Look Beauty-Nail Pop in 'Bling'

Hey lovelies! I'm off on my holidays to Budapest early tomorrow morning, how exciting! Though the weather man appears to be saying that it is going to be lovely and sunny until we arrive and then cool and rainy until we leave which is a bit of a bummer. I'm packing my shorts and sunnies  anyway though-I'm calling the weather's bluff. I do have a few posts scheduled to come live whilst I'm away so hopefully that will all go smoothly and you'll have something to read whilst I'm off sightseeing. 

Today I thought I'd show you the product I've used to paint my nails ready for the holiday, which is one I picked up in Superdrug on a whim on my lunch break the other day. I've never been able to buy anything from Look Beauty before as the Superdrug in St Andrews was too small to sell it, but now I can buy things from there to my hearts content! The nail polish I picked up was one of their Nail Pops in the shade 'Bling' and it is definitely very blingy! 

The Look Beauty Nail Pops cost £5 and can be found in most big Superdrugs or online here. There are 30 to choose from in a pretty impressive variety of colours. I'm immediately drawn to the glitter shades even though I know they'll be a huge pain to remove, and next time I'm thinking I'll pick up either 'Cool Britannia' or 'Dorothy'. 

At the moment though I'm very content rocking 'Bling' which is a gorgeous glittery pink polish. Currently I'm wearing three coats of it on its own to create a solid coat, but I also think it would look amazing as one or two coats over a pale pink or nude polish. 

One Coat
Two Coats
Three Coats
There-my nails are all sparkly and beautiful ready for wowing everyone on my flight tomorrow morning. They seem to be pretty hard wearing so far-I bashed my hand on a chest of drawers earlier and have done a couple of rounds of washing up and nothing has budged so hopefully it'll last until I get back on Saturday night!


  1. I have this and find it peels like crazy :( xxx

  2. Very pretty! I'll have a look next time I go into town :) x



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