Budapest Day Two

Unfortunately for me and my hastily packed hand luggage full of dresses and tiny shorts, when we woke up on Thursday morning the weather outside was absolutely shocking. It didn't get any better either, the whole day was basically just a monsoon. 

Luckily I had remembered an umbrella and thrown some tights in my bag last minute so my poor little legs didn't get cold, and I stuffed myself at our buffet breakfast so I wouldn't be both wet AND hungry. 

By the time we made it to the banks of the Danube I was already looking forward to getting out of the rain, so we decided to stop for lunch at the world famous Gerbeaud coffee house situated in Vorosmarty square. It is an absolutely huge cafe, I wasn't expecting it to be so big! 
I had a huge iced coffee made with coffee and vanilla ice-cream, espresso, whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles (Sean had a chocolate milkshake that actually just tasted of melted Swiss chocolate yum!) I also had the most insane club sandwich that I have ever tasted in my life ever, it was absolutely huge made with parmesan coated chicken breast fillet, hard boiled egg, crispy bacon, tomato, lettuce, remoulade, and cornichons on fresh homemade multi-seed bread. TOO GOOD. 

The desserts and cakes also looked beyond amazing but I physically could not eat anything else so I had to resist the temptation, I definitely recommend you go there if you're ever in Budapest though! 

Afterwards we headed across the chain bridge again, though it wasn't quite so picturesque in the pouring rain. 
We cowered in a cable car up the hill to one of the highest points of Buda and immediately decided that we couldn't bear to be out in the rain any longer so we headed to the Royal Palace which houses the Budapest history museum. Being a bit of a history buff (Ancient History MA here I come) I was in my absolute element here but I won't bore you with ALL the photos I took. Definitely worth a peek though as its not too expensive and it is pretty amazing looking round a museum in a place where a lot of the history actually happened. 
We managed to stay in the warm cozy museum until just before it shut but eventually we were turned out into the miserable weather once again. By this point my shoes, tights, skirt and jacket were absolutely soaked so I basically didn't care anymore (not that I didn't moan-I did!) We walked along the bank of the river for around 20 minutes to get a peek at some of the main buildings along that way that we hadn't seen yet before eventually giving up on any touristy behaviour when we reached the next metro point. 
We popped across the road for a quick dinner at a nice (but ever so slightly sexist^) chain pizza restaurant before whizzing back to the hotel on the metro for a sauna and another cocktail! 

There we have day two in lovely Budapest-still beautiful even in weather that was possibly more horrible than any we've had in the UK this year. 


  1. Food looks amazing in Budapest!


  2. I love Budapest, I went for my honey moon last year. It rained most the week too - and that was in july!


  3. Budapest looks so lovely, shame about the rain though!


  4. Budapest looks beautiful, even in the rain. It's definitely somewhere I'd love to visit. How good does your breakfast look as well - definitely my kind of place (: xx

  5. The food in this post and the 1st day post made me positively water at the mouth. Budapest looks so interesting, I absolutely love places steeped in history! x

  6. Sorry the weather was rubbish, but it looks like you had a great time regardless. and now im starving from looking at all that gorgeous food! nom nom!!xx


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