Budapest Day Three

Hello lovelies! Are you getting bored of these Budapest posts yet? I hope not, since there's two more to go...

Friday was possibly my favourite day of the whole trip, because as you may have seen on my twitter-I HELD HANDS WITH A SLOTH. I've genuinely never been so excited in my life, I almost grabbed it and made a run for it in my handbag. I reckon we'd have ended up being really good mates. Sloths sleep a lot, I sleep a lot...sloths are really slow, I'm really slow...sloths are really cute...okay getting ahead of myself now.

The sloth moment did not occur until later in the afternoon though so lets rewind a bit and start from the beginning-the most important meal of the day. (I am actually obsessed with taking photos of my food.)

We were told by basically everyone that we absolutely had to visit one of the thermal baths/spas whilst we were in Budapest and since the rain was holding off that morning we decided to risk it for a chocolate biscuit and headed to the Szechenyi baths. The baths are housed in an amazingly ostentatious Art-Deco building and there are loads of different pools-warm outside ones, absolutely freezing little deep ones, big jacuzzi temperature ones with seats around the outside etc. You can book to have a cabin (a cabin!) for the day but we decided that we would only stay for a couple of hours and got lockers instead. One thing that we learnt that morning was that there is a surefire way to tell a British person from any other European, we change under towels and are VERY careful not to display more flesh than necessary!

After we'd gone all pruney and wrinkly from sitting in the hot baths for too long we got changed and headed just along the road to Budapest Zoo. I LOVE ZOOS.


Anyway, the really amazing part about Budapest zoo is that certain animals, obviously the ones that get on best with humans, are just in a room that you can go in and they just wander around right by you! The sloths were my favourite but I also got up close and personal with some lemurs and stroked an odd little raccoon animal who was very curious about my camera!
The only slight downside of this was that there was a distinct lack of English signage, so at first Sean and I thought we'd accidentally let ourselves into a cage and that we might at any point get eaten by a lion. 

Here are some more gratuitous animal photos for you...

Those are my favourite pictures I took-I have MANY more, there were so many animals there! It was lovely as well because they had such huge enclosures and were all in with animals they are naturally found with in the wild which was nice. 

After Sean managed to drag me away from my new pets we popped into the cafe we had seen near the entrance which had looked like it had some pretty delicious cakes going-we were right!

Sean went for a cake which tasted JUST like Kinder Bueno, whilst I went for the Sacher Torte because I'd seen it on the last series of Great British Bake Off!

Man I love Hungarian cake. I snaffled a fair bit of Sean's cake as well because it was very yummy and I'm very greedy. 

It had got to around 5pm by this point so we had started heading towards the metro station in order to get into the city centre to find dinner when we came across this amazing Hungarian sheep festival/market with loads of different stalls and entertainment. It turned out to be the perfect place to pick up some souvenirs for our families, as well as to admire some coats that were actually just an entire sheepskin. 

It is at times like this that I wish I could grow a very luxurious handlebar moustache. Sigh. After this point we grabbed a quick dinner and headed back to the hotel and basically collapsed, so this is where I shall end the post! 

Next up-our last day in Budapest (sob.)


  1. Ohhhhh Myyyyyyy Godddddd!!! How amazing!!!! The sloths are so amazing! Love that penguin photo! Budapest seriously looks amazing! I'm trying to talk craig into going in october :) xx

    1. Just realised i totally over used the word 'amazing' there! Think i got a bit carried away! Lol x

  2. omg you held hands with a sloth! Now despite how amazing the buildings and food and everything else looks, I think holding hands with a sloth has made me want to go more than anything else!

  3. Hello sweet lady! Just found your blog via Being Little and am SO GLAD that I did! I'm your newest follower! xoxo

  4. This was such a lovely post! I love the photos and it looks like you had a good time :) Definitely following your blog now! x

  5. lovely blog.

  6. I'm going to stalk the rest of your holiday snaps - I love them. I would probably have peed myself if a sloth held my hand too!

  7. Seriously, these Budapestian breakfasts look amazing. This one is even better than yesterday's! I've always wanted to go to an old fashioned bath house and the zoo looks amazing with all those wandering animals! (: xx

  8. Oh my gosh I am so jealous! It looks like you had such an amazing time & I want to hold hands with a sloth! SO cute! Xo

  9. A SLOTH IS HOLDING YOUR HAND! That's so exciting. That, and the cake. xxxx

  10. Not bored at all! It looks AMAZING! x

  11. all that food has made me hungary!


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