Budapest Day One

Hello lovelies! Time for me to start my more in-depth (and very photo heavy) day by day summaries of my holiday in Budapest, Hungary. Sean and I chose to get the early morning plane on the Wednesday as that meant we'd arrive around midday local time and still have plenty of time to do sightseeing stuff in the afternoon. And sightsee we did! More on that in a second.

We stayed at the Expo Congress hotel in Pest which we got an amazing last minute deal on-like thirty pounds a night for both of us. The offer included breakfast, but there was also a little restaurant which did some pretty nice food for reasonable(ish) prices. Having filled our little tummies (and possibly I may have sneaked in a little nap on the comfy hotel beds) we headed off into the city centre. Where we stayed in Pest was a little off the beaten track, but the hotel arranged a transfer for us for the equivalent of around £2.50 each so it wasn't too bad location wise really. (You could also get a metro from the station 15 minutes away for around £1.20 each-but more on that later.) 
St Stephen's Basilica was our first choice-mainly because we thought that we probably wouldn't get lost on the way there as it is pretty huge! It is a really beautiful building, so we had a little look around the inside before paying a few pounds to head up to the top.
I'm not going to dwell on how many flights of winding stairs I had to climb to get this spectacular view (oh god my legs-why, WHY?!) but it was definitely worth it. Though Sean did start to get a bit antsy when I was leaning over the side to get the perfect shot-not about me, he was worried I was going to drop the camera....

Since the place we'd picked for trying at dinnertime was across the river in the castle district of Buda we picked up a cheeky ice-cream from a street vendor before venturing across the Szechenyi chain bridge, avoiding the mental cyclists as we went.
We picked a little restaurant called Pest-Buda for dinner (ohhh I see what they did there) because it served traditional Hungarian food which we wanted to try. One thing I noticed whilst in Budapest was that restaurants there are big on flavoured homemade lemonade, I'm not sure why but I'm not complaining! 
I had some absolutely lush goulash and egg barley, whilst Sean went for pike paprikash with homemade pasta. Both beyond delicious but oh my gosh do you get full up eating Hungarian food! I'm surprised Sean didn't have to roll me home. 
We opted to get the metro home, which would have been absolutely fine except we took a wrong turn out of the station and ended up walking about an hour away from our hotel in the opposite direction. On the plus side we got a really good feel for residential Pest(?!) Once we eventually made it back to the hotel with the help of my trusty iPhone a massive cocktail, a glass of wine and a hot bath soon put me right and I was ready to fall into bed. 

Day one over, and officially amazing!


  1. Gorgeous photos and yummy food:)

  2. Lovely photos! seems like you had a great time :) x

  3. wow! what incredible photos!!!

  4. I really love the photos! I also like your blog, so I'm a new follower =)

  5. wow this is amazing, never thought of going there but looks beautiful! you're looking good too misses.

  6. I love Budapest! It's one of my favourite cities and so BEAUTIFUL! Great photos! xx

  7. Your hotel room looks gorgeous! I always end up getting lost on holiday but I think that's the best way to get a feel for the real place and not the tourist side :L!

  8. I loved reading this post. I have always wanted to go to Budapest so it was really interesting to get to see your beautiful pictures...Thank you for sharing them :)
    The food looks really yummy lol


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