Budapest Day Four

Hello lovelies! Time for my fourth and final post on Budapest (sob sob.) I'm writing this on the new Blogger template for the first time which is...interesting, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm not going to post this and watch it come out written upside down or something equally ridiculous. 

Our last day in Budapest was gorgeously sunny which was a lovely finish to the holiday and meant that we could fit in a few last minute sightseeing sprees before we headed to the airport for our 8pm flight. 

Sean and I had been debating a trip down the Danube on one of the little tour boats since day one, but most of them looked pretty expensive, plus with the weather being a tiny bit iffy we were a bit worried all we would have to look at would be rainclouds and greyness! We had a stroke of luck whilst we were wandering down the riverbank in the sunshine though when at 12:27 we saw a sign advertising a tour with a free drink at 12:30! We jumped on and had barely sat down when we were off for an hour long (actually really interesting) tour of the sights alongside the river. 

The amazingly huge and gorgeous building is the Hungarian Houses of Parliament-how amazing is that? Makes ours seem almost shoddy in comparison-its more grand than their Royal Palace!
After the tour boat had re-docked we decided to stay on board and have our lunch on the deck. Whilst this was an excellent idea in terms of the scenery and how amazing the food was, I have to say that the slight swaying from being on water did start to make me feel a little odd as I ploughed through my lunch.

After we'd had our lunch and wandered back into the city centre we only had a couple of hours until we had to get to the airport so we wandered around in the sunshine looking at shops and sampling MORE cakes at a confectioners. Apparently they also give chocolate making lessons there and I was devastated to not have found out about that sooner! 

So there you have it-four posts on my four wonderful days in Budapest! I have a couple of tips and pearls of wisdom to pass on to any of you who are planning on making a similar trip. 

1) Take sensible shoes-probably at least two pairs in case of rain. You do a LOT of walking, all of the sights are quite well spread out and for some of them (like St Stephen's Basilica) you have to do quite a lot of walking when you're there as well.

2) You should be able to find a 'Things to do in Budapest' leaflet or brochure somewhere, I would advise checking out the restaurants they recommend as otherwise we wouldn't have found some of the amazing places we went to!

3) Speaking of eating at restaurants, they will all be pretty expensive, so don't go expecting to be able to get a three course meal for ten pounds just because Hungary hasn't joined the Euro. 

4) Another tip on food, don't attempt to eat traditional Hungarian food at every meal, you just won't be able to handle it. IT IS TOO FILLING (but you do want to try it at least once!)

5) Still on the subject of food (you can tell what my thoughts centre around!) I'd recommend maybe going for half board or self catering, eating out for both lunch and dinner everyday got really expensive really quickly, but we did notice that supermarkets are very cheap. 

6) Don't worry too much if you aren't right in the city centre, the metro is really easy and cheap to use if you're near to a stop, and your hotel will probably offer a transfer service to the main sights for a reasonable price. 

7) Go to one of the big coffee houses, Hungary is famous for them for a good reason, the cakes are out of this world!


I think those are all my tips! Mostly for those of you who think with their stomachs like I do I'm afraid. I hope I've managed to convince you all as to how amazing Budapest is, I want to go back already!


  1. Gorgeous pictures, Budapest looks beautiful! Really want to go, may have to start planning for a getaway next year x

  2. Thank you for all the food tips! Eating out in foreign countries is always my biggest worry since my boyfriend is really picky. We ordered a huge Caesar salad in Berlin this year and he barely ate any of it bless him because he didn't realise it would have sauce all over which he hates (: Hopefully I can convince him that Budapest is the next place we should visit and that he'll love the food. xx

  3. love this photos and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  4. I want to go to Budapest, blogger trip?! :)

    Maria xxx


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