What I would buy with £100 (and a bit of small change)

Hello lovelies! I just got a part time job which I'm starting this weekend so I've been looking at what I want to buy when I get my first pay check-dangerous when I have a credit card but I've been resisting thus far.

1) I'm such a sucker for printed trousers and you guys know what I'm like when it comes to cute little animals being printed on stuff! Plus these are a proper bargain! (Also thinking that these would be great for travelling on an aeroplane if I happened to book a holiday somewhere...)

2) The fact that this scarf is on my list is entirely the fault of Charlene from Dainty Dresses who knows that we both share an obsession for kitty cats. It is a tiny bit expensive for a scarf but you have to pay the money for that bit of feline in your life. Or maybe I could just wear my cat around my neck...I'm undecided as of yet.

3) I've been promising myself that I'll dabble in some Topshop makeup at some point and I think this bronzer might be a good place to start. Also it is called 'Break of Day' which is just perfect for summer! 

4) Again I feel like I don't need to explain why I want this bag in my life. It has an owl on it! I also think the tassel is really cute and the colour and style of the bag is perfect for everyday. I think I'd look very ladylike with it-and I could use all the help I can get in that area!

5) These Matalan court shoes are such a pretty colour and I love the on-trend metal toecap. Plus they look like they might be the kind of height that I could manage to walk in and not fall over twenty times on the way down my driveway! 

6) I'm fairly sure I saw these earrings in a magazine a while back as a Prada 'lookalike' piece but I love them regardless of what they're similar too, they're just so glitzy and a bit OTT. Very me in other words. 

What do you guys think? Any votes on which I should make sure to pick up first? I'm leaning towards the handbag personally, it is just perfect!


  1. That bag is gorgeous - and the scarf is amazing. Loving printed trousers, but don't think they like me!

  2. I will fight you for that bag!! It is beyond beautiful.


  3. ohhh I love all of this! Those trousers look super comfy and the bag is just gorgeous! I have a handbag addiction atm, I really need to calm myself haha.
    Love Holz oxo


  4. Ooh hello nice bag. If you get a few extra bob, buy me a bag too please. thanks in advance xx

  5. Really tempted to get that bag in black.
    Yes - I think I shall

    Amber xo

  6. omg cat scarf, cat scarf OMG. I also loooove the trousers but could never pull them off, they'd look fab on you though skinny minny xoxox

  7. The rest of your picks are lovely (and congratulations on the part time job, and your MA acceptance, if I haven't already said so) but the scarf Lauren. THE SCARF!

  8. Congrats on the job :) The bag is lovely, I adore anything with owls on it xx

  9. I love the scarf and the shoes! Great picks and good luck on your new job! x

  10. Love that flowery headband so so so soooo much. Great blog! Follow you know xoxo <3

  11. Well this is perfect! If I had a spare £100 I would definitely buy everything here! I can't believe how cheap those shoes are, they're gorgeous!

  12. I love that bag, it's gorgeous! I would go for that first quickly followed by the toecapped shoes!

    Caroline x
    Caroline's Catwalk


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