Flower Fairy

Hello lovelies! It was really very super hot today wasn't it? I took my boyfriend up to London to go to the London Aquarium and wander around the Jubilee Gardens in the sunshine. In other words, the jumper I'm wearing didn't stay on long once we got on the sweaty train but I'm snuggling back up in it again now! 

Blouse: New Look
Shorts: New Look
Jumper: Owl and Dagger
Flower Crown: Dainty Roses

My special pal Lucy from Lucy Boots makes some pretty awesome tie-dye/studded clothing for her Owl and Dagger shop, and I of course had to order something being the supportive friend that I am (nothing to do with the fact that I really wanted one of course.) Isn't it pretty? And so reasonable compared to the rip off versions in Topshop!

This pretty 'Ella' flower crown was made by Lisa over at Dainty Roses. She put it up on her shop after I admired it on Twitter and even named it after me-how could I resist that? I felt like one of the flower fairies all day wearing it and the guy at the ice-cream van tried to buy it from me to give to his girlfriend, which seems like a compliment to me! 


  1. The spikes look so good with the flowers! Nicely done! :)

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  3. you look so nice in the second to last photo!! :)

  4. Aww you look adorable, best of luck for tomorrow!!

  5. Ahh I love the jumper, I need a studded shoulder jumper for this autumn! It's so cute that the ice cream van guy tried to buy the crown off you, it looks really pretty though :) Good luck at your new job!

    Frances xx


  6. I love the jumper and the flower crown! x

  7. I'm loving the jumper, I really want a spiked one for this A/W
    I love how you've teamed it with that rose crown too :)



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